Sjjerpa Elias

Windhoek, Namibia

I spent my formative years in Windhoek, but the majority of my school holidays were at my grandparents' farm. During those breaks, I, along with my cousins, took care of the livestock, and it was there that my love for nature first took root.

After completing high school, I pursued further studies in neighboring Botswana. At that time, opportunities were limited in Namibia, especially for those not coming from affluent families, which included myself. Equipped with a diploma in Theology, I became an ordained clergyman and started working in various capacities within the local community.

This period of transition in my life provided me with valuable experience working with people.

The combination of my childhood love for nature and my background in religious work eventually led me to the field of tourism. Starting from the ground up, I progressed through different aspects of the tourism industry, accumulating extensive experience in customer service.

Over the years, my passion for the outdoors and nature became deeply ingrained in the tourism sector. This led me to serve as a professional tour guide for over 17 years with one of the premier upmarket tour operators. As time passed, I transitioned to freelance tour guiding to have a more flexible schedule and provide personalized experiences for my clients. 

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